Pioneering a new Copernican
revolution in space



We are on a mission to disrupt the satellite production and space exploration paradigm.

With bold thinking and rigorous execution, we are building a satellite platform that will enable the deployment of many satellites that will push the boundaries of what you can do and discover in space. Our technologies will improve space exploration, commerce, and security.



The Swarm Architecture will be your eyes, ears, and so much more. Our platform is designed from the ground up to be digitally born, modular, adaptable, intelligent, and producible quickly in large quantities.

Whether you need one spacecraft or 1,000 spacecraft, contact us to learn what we can do for your application.

“It’s a change in the concept of how to explore space.”

— Dr. Avi Loeb, Co-founder, Copernicus Space Corp.

“If you wanted to know Earth, would you send one probe there? No. Because you’d only learn a little bit about a small part of it, and very little about all of its deserts, and mountains and oceans.”

— Frank Laukien, Co-founder, Copernicus Space Corp.